About Us

industrial hemp raw materials

Our Vision

Grow sustainable resources for everyday living. Support hemp research for the legal production of industrial hemp and hemp-based products in Texas to provide a healthy environment, economic profitability, and social and economic equity.

Earth Seed of Life is located in South Texas near the Texas-Mexican border and in close proximity to Port Isabel and Port of Brownsville. The South Texas humid climate is favorable for the growth of industrial hemp since there isn’t much rain but an abundance of sunshine reaching near and over 100 degrees most year round.

Our Story

The idea to grow and process industrial hemp grew when the Agriculture Act of 2014 was signed. We have started to learn, like many other farmers, about the different products derived from industrial hemp. We also learned that US farmers were able to grow hemp in the past, but now they are only allowed to import it from other countries. Today, farmers aren’t allowed to grow hemp in all 50 states, but the number of states passing hemp related bills are growing year after year. American farmers should be allowed to take advantage of the rich US soil by growing industrial hemp to create jobs and sustainable products for everyday living.

Earth Seed of Life looks forward to processing the industrial hemp grown locally to produce hemp raw materials needed for creating innovative hemp-based products.

Even though it is not legal to plant in Texas just yet, it is our goal to partner with local university agricultural programs and have our farmland serve a research grounds for students and professors to learn more about the hemp plant. The research would allow us to learn how to maximize hemp’s economic potential to produce innovative eco-friendly and sustainable products while increasing the health state of our environment.