Petition to Change USDA Hemp Rules reaches 10,000 Signatures in five days

Hemp plants in outdoor fields of BW Farms in Colorado.

The Interim USDA Final Rules for the US Domestic Hemp Production program were finally released this week on October 30, 2019, ten months after the 2018 Farm Bill was signed by the President.

On the unlisted USDA’s Hemp Policy video posted by the USDA on YouTube, Secretary of Agriculture Sonney Perdue states, “We still want to hear from you, to make sure the regulations meet your needs. The interim rules include a public comment period to continue a full and transparent rulemaking process.”

On the same day the Interim USDA Final Rules were released, Kristen Aberthany started a Change USDA Hemp Rules petition on stating, “The new regulations to be enacted by the USDA are unfortunate for everyone in the hemp industry especially the farmer.”

In the petition, Kristen outlines how the new regulations will affect 3rd party testing, testing prior to harvest, post decarboxylation THC content testing, managing “hot” crop, and transporting existing hemp under Farm Bill 2014.

Within the span of five days, the petition has reached 10,000 signatures on Sunday, November 3rd. 7,500 signatures were collected in two days alone and the signature goal has been raised to 15,000 signatures.

Kristen posted an update in which states that her plans are to send the petition with signatures to the Office of the Docket Clerk, as noted on the Federal Registrar’s establishment of a Domestic Hemp Production Program page to be included on record in response to the 60-day public comment invitation made by Sonney Perdue.

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