Hemp Cannabis extract in test tube holding by scientist

Research Opportunities

We look forward to partner with the local universities to establish and support environmental science and agricultural research programs.

Please contact us if you are interested in piloting an industrial hemp research partnership program.

Hemp health food with oil, powder, dried and hulled seed in porcelain bowls on slate background.

Industrial Processing Services

We are working towards establishing an industrial hemp processing plant in the Rio Grande Valley to process the industrial hemp grown by Texas farmers. The industrial hemp processed would separate the different parts of the plant to produce raw materials such as seeds, oil, fiber, and other materials needed for the manufacturing of hemp-based sustainable everyday living products.

compressed thermal insulating hemp fiber panels - raw industrial materials

USA hemp-based products

We strive to be the #1 online source for USA made hemp-based everyday living products for the Eco-conscious consumer by providing food, nutrition, health products, clothing, building materials, personal products, paper, environmental cleanup materials, fuel, textiles, and other innovative uses we haven’t discovered yet. (New products list coming soon)

Many hemp seeds on the background

Hemp Seeds

Earth Seed of Life is committed in supporting the production of industrial hemp using legally approved hemp seeds by applying best -practice industry standards while abiding to industrial hemp farming regulation laws.