THT 0001 Introduction

Episode 1 – Introductions

Sunday, November 3, 2019

12:00 PM

The Texas Hemp Talk podcast is an educational podcast produced by Earth Seed of Life aimed at providing information about cultivating the cannabis hemp landscape for Texas farmers.

The episode includes a brief introduction about the host’s professional and personal experience, expressed interest in farming hemp, and the objective for the podcast.

The host, Irma Hermida, briefly states that her experience includes being an educator, a communication manager, digital artist, and cycling event coordinator. She aspires to be a hemp researcher, farmer, and educator.

A personal health issue led her to a science lesson about our endocannabinoid system through cannabis research produced by The scientist, Raphael Mouchalam. It also led her to a US Hemp history lesson which included reading the article published by the national hemp association, “How Texas Killed Hemp: The Tragic Story of George Trout and the Death of the Texas Hemp Industry” and Jack Herer’s book, “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”.

Personal experience while attending the 2017 NoCo event led to further understanding of the Texas political climate surrounding cannabis hemp at the time to present day with the anticipation of the approval of the Texas Hemp Program rules to grow hemp in 2020.

Most people in power today want to do the right thing and allow the American people to choose how to use hemp-based products derived from the whole plant for our well-being. Growing the plant will require that those in the hemp industry relearn what farmers prior to the 1940s knew then.

Since knowledge is power and there is power in numbers, the main objective of the podcast is to educate and share information with new Texas Hemp farmers on how to grow in the eight different planting zones using new technology and climate changes. Guests and subject matter experts will be invited to provide information on how to successfully grow the hemp plant and from lessons learned by farmers in other states.

Word of advice, do the right things for our planet and its inhabitants. Help each other so that we can grow this plant using organic practices with natural pesticides and organic fertilizers. The power is the farmer’s hands for a healthy and successful industrial hemp program.”

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